Cigar Review: Tesa M3

Tesa M3 Natural

Tesa M3 Natural

Tesa M3
Tesa Cigars

This is a cigar that was a bit of a slow starter but it improved toward the middle. The Teas M3 is a light woody smoke with a strong acidic bite during the first thrid of the smoke. At the half way point in the smoke the flavor shifts to a more earthy flavor with a mild to medium flavor profile. however what the cigar provides in budget friendlyness it seems to lack in complexity. If you like a simple straightforward woody smoke this is the cigar for you but if you enjoy a more complex flavor I would passs on the M3 and opt for the maduro from the same manufaturer. The M3 is reminiscent of the Romeo Y Julieta Bully with a bit less depth of flavor but very simillar light woody flavors.

At the half way point in the cigar the acidity does shift into a nice massage in the back of the nose and on the palatte.

I usually have more to say but unfortunately after this cigar I was just happy to get on to smoking the next one in my cigar case that afternoon.