Tipsheet: How to Stay Cool while Riding in the Summer Heat

To beat the heat this summer, check out these quick tips for staying cool on hot summer rides:


  • Dress in layers with well-ventilated motorcycle apparel to shield their body from the summer sun, and help retain moisture that keeps them cool.
  • Start Riding Early enough in the day to take a break around 3pm when the heat is at its peak.
  • Let Nature Work For You. If planning a day route, choose roads at higher altitude where it will be cooler or near beaches, lakes or rivers where it will be a few degrees cooler, plus you can’t beat the views!
  • Stay Hydrated. Keep full water bottles in your gear bag there is nothing more fatiguing on a hot day then getting dehydrated.
  • Cover Your Seat a black leather or plastic seat sitting in the sun is an invitation for ass sweat while you ride. Cover your motorcycle seat with a light colored piece of cloth to keep the seat from heating up too much before hoping back on to ride. this will also keep your leather from getting sun damaged as quickly.

Enough reading go get on the road it’s time to ride!