Screw it Lets Ride! Add Harley Davidson to your My Space

The Official Harley-Davidson MySpace Profile Fires Up


June 5, 2008 — Harley-Davidson has rumbled onto one of the world’s largest social networks with the official Harley-Davidson MySpace profile. And in true Harley-Davidson fashion, visitors are greeted with the “So screw it,let’s ride” manifesto and a link that challenges them to bring their own words to the rally cry. But that’s just the beginning of the journey.

Screw it Lets Ride

Screw it Let's Ride


The official Harley-Davidson MySpace profile is continuously updated with all the latest news and happenings straight from the source. Visitors find out how to get on the inside track for once in a lifetime events like the Foo Fighters concert that’s part of Harley-Davidson’s 105th Anniversary celebration. They’ll get the lowdown on cool rides and events across the country. There are updates on the latest motorcycles and a link that lets visitors customize their own virtual ride with authentic Harley-Davidson® accessories. There’s a load of downloads including screen savers, wallpapers, custom protective skins and other downloads for mobile devices. There are also links to information about buying a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, as well as the Rider’s Edge® New Rider Course.

But the central mission of the profile is to give Harley-Davidson enthusiast on MySpace the chance to connect. Harley-Davidson isn’t just about bikes; it’s about bikers who love the freedom of the open road. And what a wildly mixed crew they are. They represent everything from young hot shots to wind weathered easy riders. They are escapees from glass towers and geared up garages. With a shared passion, they come from every corner of the world. The Harley-Davidson MySpace profile gives them a place to gather on common ground. And by adding H-D as a friend, they’ll be able to share stories from the road, pictures of their own bikes, videos of their antics, and swap tips, tricks and suggestions for memorable rides.

Harley-Davidson’s MySpace profile has a lot to offer riders with 30 years in the saddle or just 30 days out of a Rider’s Edge course. It’s also an informative good time for those still thinking about stepping off the curb and getting in the saddle of their own Harley-Davidson.


The Harley-Davidson Museum Reveals its Best Kept secret: Motor and Cafe Racer

The Harley-Davidson Museum Reveals its Best Kept secret: Motor and Cafe Racer


While the Harley-Davidson Museum’s exhibits have so far been shrouded in mystery, perhaps the destination’s best kept secret has been its two new restaurants, Motor and Cafe Racer. This isn’t your typical Museum restaurant.

News Image

Harley Davidson Museum

“After a ride, bikers often gather to share stories of the day’s journey – the Harley-Davidson experience is made of those moments of connection,” said Stacey Schiesl, Harley-Davidson Museum Director. “From the menu selection to the space design, Motor and Cafe Racer offer bold flavors of the open road in a space that fosters the camaraderie Harley-Davidson is known for.”

At the 150-seat restaurant Motor, a menu of bold American classics with a twist celebrates the discoveries of the open road. The peach cobbler, painstakingly perfected, will look, taste and go down exactly like it does in the roadside diners of Georgia. There will be hints of Little Rock in the smoked BBQ ribs, echoes of an endless ride through the countryside in the “One Pounder” pork chop, and deep-laid memories of Kansas City in the strip steak. As far west, east, north and south as the menu travels, it will always keep one foot planted firmly in the restaurant’s hometown. Milwaukee’s best sausage and bratwurst, sharp Wisconsin cheddar, walleye straight from the lake, locally farmed produce, and macro- and micro-brews will all be offered.