Natalie Gulbis Photos: Sexiest Female Golfer?

Natalie Gulbis Photos,

Natalie Gulbis Photos,

Are Women in Sports more capable of fame if they are “sexy” are they really respected for their sporting ability or do we just like to oogle their girly bits?

With Natalie Gulbis featured in FHM magazine and using that as an angle to puch her fame factor I do wonder if it’s really about the golf. Personally I don’t see that she is all that attractive. She aint ugly but there are much more attractive models that don’t leverage their almost adequeate golf skills to get more press.

You be the judge.Does it matter that she’s more well known for a spread in FHM and her sexy calendar than for her golf winnings? Do we like her because of her golf skilss or emmm other assetts?