10 reasons Cigars are better than Women

10 Reasons Why Cigars Are Better Than Women

    Smokin Penguin

  • Cigars don’t get jealous when you look at other cigars.
  • A man can have more than one cigar in a night.
  • You don’t have to cuddle with a cigar.
  • If the fire goes out you can always re-light a cigar.
  • If you don’t like the cigar you can get another one, no questions asked!
  • Cigars don’t have divorce attorneys.
  • A man doesn’t mind being seen with an ugly cigar.
  • A cigar doesn’t have a mother-in-law.
  • You can enjoy a cigar AND watch the game!

Humidor and Cigars $15 from Cigars International


Yes that’s correct the following Link from Cigars International has proven either they’ve lost their minds or they are willing to give away a humidor to get you onto their mailing list either way this a fantastic deal!

The Torano, Fonseca and Gurkha cigars make this deal worth the money let alone the 20 ct desk humi.

First Class Humidor Sampler

A first class, introductory humidor + cigar offer. If you like handmade cigars, you’re gonna love Cigars International! To prove it, I’ve compiled a sampler with 8 of the finest cigars in the world plus a free 20-capacity humidor for one super-low introductory price: instead of the normal retail of $85.31, I’m betting once you receive these outstanding cigars, together with our 52-page cigar catalog, you’ll become a lifetime customer. Now that’s an offer you can’t refuse!

First Class Humidor Sampler includes:
1 – 5 Vegas Gold Churchill (7″ x 50)
1 – Carlos Torano 1916 Cameroon Robusto (5.5″ x 52)
1 – Fonseca 5-50 (5″ x 50)
1 – Gurkha Connecticut Reserve Robusto #4 (6″ x 50)
1 – Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Belicoso Maduro (5.5″ x 52)
1 – Perdomo Slow-Aged Lot 826 … (Read More)

cigar review: Tatuaje churchill

Cigar: Tatuaje Churchill
Rating: 90
Price: $4.50


I repeat wow. I held back because of the hype but some times the hype is true this cigar is mild enough to be approachable by the masses but has a full bodied finish that will make you wish your fingers were skinnier.

At adress the flavor is woody and nutty with a smooth even draw and mild undertones of spice and its flavor is consistent untill the last third. And then it transforms into a deep earthy spicy peppery dance of flavors on the tounge.

I will usually pass up a natural wrapper and opt for the richer maduros but this as exception that deserves both the massive response from the market and a place in any humidor.

This cigar is exact proof of the new breed of cigar massive internet talk and lots of communication from the makers with the cigar smoking masses has lead to a cigar that really does have a bit of something for everyone.

I’ve had a lot of talk with guys about the new economy vs the old and a lot of the big brands like ashton and padron who have a long history making great smokes but they are much like ford and gm comparative to the more market reponsive honda and toyota. I know this is a cigar review and not a soapbox so I’ll get back to the point the smaller newer nimbler makers who talk to the smoking public and make smokes that people love are the reason great cigars like the tatuaje are commanding space in every good cigar shop and the bigs are actually having to change from the tried and true formulas that are good but keep selling on loyalty not innovation.

But I digress no matter what you smoke no matter what your budget buy the tatuaje. Give in to the hype. This is a smokers delight and you deserve the pleasure.

Last Free Smoke Till Fall

Smokes on Burdiclks Free Smoke Thursday will Feature the Tatuaje Cigars from 4 to 7 pm on Thursday August 14th. come out and join the SkinnyBlackman fora great time and a good smoke.

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Cigar Quote of the Week

A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke.
Rudyard Kipling

Cigar Review: Tesa M3

Tesa M3 Natural

Tesa M3 Natural

Tesa M3
Tesa Cigars

This is a cigar that was a bit of a slow starter but it improved toward the middle. The Teas M3 is a light woody smoke with a strong acidic bite during the first thrid of the smoke. At the half way point in the smoke the flavor shifts to a more earthy flavor with a mild to medium flavor profile. however what the cigar provides in budget friendlyness it seems to lack in complexity. If you like a simple straightforward woody smoke this is the cigar for you but if you enjoy a more complex flavor I would passs on the M3 and opt for the maduro from the same manufaturer. The M3 is reminiscent of the Romeo Y Julieta Bully with a bit less depth of flavor but very simillar light woody flavors.

At the half way point in the cigar the acidity does shift into a nice massage in the back of the nose and on the palatte.

I usually have more to say but unfortunately after this cigar I was just happy to get on to smoking the next one in my cigar case that afternoon.